The projected production method is underground mining and will be operated with excavation filling system in Spac Copper Mine. The production method will be special design underground drilling, blasting, loading, transporting and filling. Underground ore will be taken to the daylight with the transport tunnel of 16m2 section which is produced in 2017 and projected as 1000 meters. After that; the extracted ore will be passed to the process stage.

Process will start with crushing and followed by milling and multiple stepped flotation of copper. The final resulting flotation concentrate will send to smelters for pure copper.

Flotation wastes will be sent to the specially designed storage facility. And it will be dewatered without harming the environment.

Crusher Group
250 ton/hour, %100 -14 mm capacity crushing and elimination plant
Fine Ore Bin
1 Piece – 1000 ton capacity
Grinding Group
2 Piece 3600 * 4200 Ball Mill (Primer – Seconder)
4pc * 250 Hydrocylone
Agitation Tanks
2pc * 16 m³
Flotation Cells
Tank – Cell Type – 5pc * 10m³, 5pc * 3 m³, 5 * 1,5 m³
Dewatering Group
5500 mm Decantation Tank + 1 Drum Filter
Total Ins. Power
3250 kW